Oregon Solar Incentive Program

Capacity for the Oregon Solar Incentive Program will be distributed by Oregon Administrative Rule initially through a lottery process and then through a first come, first served process until the capacity limit is reached for the current reservation period. We will e-mail you when your reservation is approved and provide your reservation start date. Existing net metering customers cannot be enrolled in or convert to the Oregon Solar Incentive Program.

A deposit is required, but it will be refunded with Pacific Power’s first solar payment to you. You must meet the following deadlines or your deposit will be forfeited:

  • Interconnection Application submitted within two months of your reservation start date.
  • Solar system must be fully operational within 12 months of your reservation start date.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete your online Capacity Reservation Application to reserve your place in the Pacific Power Oregon Solar Incentive Program. Solar contractors and customers, please coordinate your submittals. Multiple applications for the same site will result in a forfeit of any subsequent deposit.

  • Your meter number
  • Your name and email address
  • Pacific Power account number where system will be installed
  • Address of solar installation
  • Anticipated date when solar installation will go online
  • Anticipated level of interconnection
    • Level 1 is 25 kW (DC) or smaller
    • Level 2 is larger than 25 kW (DC)
    • Level 3 is for special circumstances
  • Nameplate capacity in kW (DC)
  • Estimated annual system production (in kWh)
  • System installer: Name of company, contact person and e-mail address
  • Credit card for deposit of $500 or $20 x nameplate capacity (DC), whichever is larger (We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal)

Solar Capacity

May 1st – July 31st reservation period

Small projects: ≥ 5kW - ≤ 10 kW DC

  • Status: Reservations closed
  • Maximum allowable for this period: 931 kW DC

Medium projects:
> 10 - ≤ 100 kW DC

  • Status: Reservations closed
  • Maximum allowable for this period: 822 kW DC

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